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Add Barcode scanner to mobile app

It would be great to have the option to scan food items in vs manually entering data.

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
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      • MaryMary commented  · 

        All of the advertisements claim that the Charge HR has a barcode scanner, but when I look at supported devices, there are none. Very irresponsible advertising!

      • KimKim commented  · 

        I also bought the Flex to use with my S4. Works well but no scanner. I am currently using MyFitness Pal to scan my foods and the Fit bit for Daily exercise and sleep. Would be nice to be able to use one platform for both as the advertising indicates.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have a Samungs S5 Active and the scanner with the fitbit app works on mine, just used it :)

      • Vivian AdamsVivian Adams commented  · 

        I too am very disappointed that I don't have scanner. When I bought it the sales person said it could scan barcodes to add my food. Very sorry I purchased it should have just went with My Fitness pal. Please add it to the Fitbit. If one of my friends ask if I would recommend it I would tell them to down load My Fitness pal and save their money and not buy it.

      • SherrillSherrill commented  · 

        I am very disappointed with the Fitbit because it does not offer the barcode scanner on android devices. This is a huge disappointment! My main purpose for purchasing this device was for tracking my food. I should have stuck with the free apps available like "My Fitness Pal." Very frustrated.

      • DariaDaria commented  · 

        The scanner is really useful!!! PLEASE ADD IT BACK to the device app!!

      • tnoletnole commented  · 

        Does fitbit not read this blog? When in the heck are they going to put the scanner on android. There are just as many droid users as Iphone.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I am so bummed there is no scanner for android. :( Going back to MyFitnessPal . . Really disappointed since I bought this.

      • R. H.R. H. commented  · 

        any news on when the Android food scanner is coming for the fitbit app?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Had anyone found out any information yet as to why there's no scanner for android users?

      • pmarattapmaratta commented  · 

        My scanner doesn't work on my android app. Very very frustrating I used my scanner all the time when I used myfitnesspal to manage my calories not having the scanner is so inconvient. So far I love my flex just wish there was a scanners option for my app

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        My wife and I currently both have fitbit flex. I have an iPhone, and she has a Droid. the Barcode scanner works on iOS app, but not on the driod app. Can anyone else confirm with platform? Are there droid users out there that have the barcode scanner (in fitbit's app) working?

      • MichelleMichelle commented  · 

        The body fit app has the food mastered. Why would fit bit take the scanner away without explanation?

      • D. HargroveD. Hargrove commented  · 

        PLEASE bring back the barcode scanner.

      • KhoganKhogan commented  · 

        Glad I'm not alone! I was so excited to see the scanner, and now it's gone! Please bring it back!

      • Bobbi Bobbi commented  · 

        Where oh where did the scanner go? Please bring it back Fitbit! We loved it so.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Can anyone help with how to get the barcode scanner back?

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